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Can I order just a One-time Service?

Feel free to order just one Kinderstar delivery at a time, it's the next best thing to bringing your baby home! Upon successful submission of your Easy Order Form, you will receive an email confirming your delivery and a payment confirmation from the payment processor.

The easiest way to order is just submit your Easy Order Form then proceed to PayPal checkout. All orders will be actioned on the day your order is placed and payments cleared.

How does the Kinderstar Premium Disposable Nappy Delivery Service work?

Kinderstar Premium Disposable Nappy Delivery Service delivers premium quality disposable protective underwear, wipes, gloves and paper products, to your door on a regular schedule that works best for you. All you have to do is set up a New Account and your own User Profile. You can do this by phoning (03) 8685 8623, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Or just get what you need quickly and easily through the Kinderstar Easy Order Form where convenience is at the heart of our online ordering system. A quick order placement and payment rotation with our PayPal checkout will ensure a quick streamlined delivery.

As your baby grows, you can change the size of nappy or training pant needed, and the frequency of delivery.

You can order Kinderstar Premium Disposable Nappy Delivery Service for yourself - or for a friend!

How do I set up my Account?

Every customer of Kinderstar's Disposable Nappy Delivery Service is unique - and so are the needs of each baby who will be using our premium quality nappies and training pants.

At the time of your first order with Kinderstar, you will set up a User Profile. This can be done by calling a Kinderstar Customer Care Representative at (03) 8685 8623, Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Your User Profile will contain key information including your name, the address where your deliveries are to be made, and the frequency and timing of the deliveries, as well as the payment method you would like to use. You will be billed at the time of delivery.

When you establish your User Profile, you will tell us what size product your baby needs, how often you want deliveries made, and to what address. We will automatically follow these directions on every subsequent order UNTIL you need to change sizes or frequency of deliveries.

Can I order nappies or training pants for both my children at one time?

Kinderstar's purpose is to make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. Less time spent running to the supermarket means more time for quality family time. So we hope that you will let Kinderstar fulfill ALL of your children's needs for nappies, training pants and wipes.

Your User Profile has space for an unlimited number of children to be listed for ongoing nappy and training pants deliveries. The size needed and the frequency of delivery for each child is individual - and this is the information that you will need to provide us and that we will operate from for each child. Please note: you can provide the first name of each child OR if you are more comfortable, you can provide an identifier; for example: Baby A, Baby B, etc. Also to note: the deliveries do not need to happen at the same time. Each delivery of nappies or training pants and wipes is FREE.

You can even order Kinderstar's nappies, training pants and wipes as gifts for friends or relatives. Just give us the information to add to your User Profile - indicating the address of the delivery and the item and sizes needed. You will be billed at the time the order is shipped.

What if I need to change sizes?

By updating your User Profile, you can easily update the size needed by each of your children. Kinderstar wants to grow with each child. Just make sure to change your order a minimum of 5 weekdays before the scheduled delivery date.

What if I move?

Just call a Kinderstar Customer Care Representative at (03) 8685 8623, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Can I change the frequency of delivery?

As a child grows, the usage of nappies and training pants usually lessens - even if the child is still in the same size. You can call a Kinderstar Customer Care Representative at (03) 8685 8623, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

We'll just go to your User Profile and change this information to the timing that is right for YOUR child.

How are deliveries made?

Kinderstar Premium Disposable Nappy and Wipes Delivery Service delivers Australia Wide - FREE. You can designate the delivery location of your choice: home, office, childcare, babysitter's - the choice is yours with Kinderstar! All deliveries will be made within 1-2 weekdays of your order being placed.

What sizes of the disposable nappies and training pants are available?

Kinderstar disposable nappies and training pants come in a range of sizes to fit every stage of your baby's growth. Our disposable nappies start at newborn and go right up to Junior. Our real underwear fit-and-feel toilet training pants are just right for toddlers.

How do Kinderstar's disposable nappies compare to the name-brands in quality and cost?

Kinderstar's disposable nappies and training pants are of premium quality! They are of the same materials and to the same manufacturing standards as the name-brand disposables found in in supermarkets. Kinderstar's hypoallergenic nappies, training pants and chemical free wipes offer the desirable features you want for your baby.

With super-stretch on the sides and legs, there is less leakage. An improved fastening system provides a more customized fit, and the ultra-thinness allows your baby more movement. A zone-treated top sheet directs fluid to the absorbent core. Plus Kinderstar's disposable nappies and training pants are chlorine free - all to protect baby's precious skin.

The number of nappies in each delivery is based on the average usage for a specific weight range for a baby. Of premium quality with styling and features to help ensure that your baby stays dry and protected.

Kinderstar's costs are comparable to what you'd pay in supermarkets for quality name-brand disposable nappies, training pants and wipes - but Kinderstar delivers for FREE.

How many nappies and/or training pants are in each delivery? And how do I know how many nappies I will need between deliveries?

The number of nappies in a delivery from Kinderstar is based on the average number of nappies used by a baby in a certain weight range.

But each baby is an individual with his or her own needs. If you find that you need to adjust the frequency of deliveries received - just let us know & call a Customer Care Representative at (03) 8685 8623, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

How often will I receive a delivery?

You can select the timing of the deliveries of nappies and training pants you receive from Kinderstar. The number of nappies in each delivery is based on the average usage for a baby of that particular size. But if your baby's needs require more or fewer nappies and training pants, you can adjust the frequency of the deliveries by calling a Kinderstar Customer Care Representative at (03) 8685-8623. Remember, a delivery is usually received within a weekday or two.

What are the wipes available from Kinderstar like? And how many are in an order?

When you read the fine print packaging ingredients: Your family will thank you. Kinderstar has said NO to synthetic chemicals POSING as cleansing agents to deliver the most important people in your world a truly safe approach to personal hygiene. When soap and water are not available the choice is yours with Kinderstar because Playdays®, Cucumber Cool® and Bouncing Bottoms® are Chemical, Chlorine and Fragrance free. To help make clean-ups faster and easier, non-tearing and flush-able preferences are available. Kinderstar wipes are enriched with pure botanical ingredients and dispense one refreshing wipe at a time all to help make clean-ups faster and easier!

Chemical Free
Chlorine Free
Fragrance Free
Alcohol free / Lanolin free
Proudly endorsed and certified "Choose Cruelty Free"
Synthetic and pollutant free
No Propylene Glycol
No Methyl or Butyl Parabens
No Disodium EDTA
No harmful petrochemicals / Non toxic and not bio-accumulating

100% biodegradable , earth and User-friendly cloth.

When you are finally ready for real relief from the sting and burn of uncensored baby wipes, we can show you 12 GOOD reasons why Kinderstar airtight and resealable packs of 80 are perfect for your baby's nappy bag!

Can I try the nappies and/or training pants before I order?

Yes! Although we know that Kinderstar offers the same quality as the name-brand disposable products sold in supermarkets - we want you to experience the quality for yourself and your baby! So, we've put together a special sample pack of two nappies or two training pants for FREE.

Or better yet, order your tailor-made "Ample Sample Pack". Tell us which size you'd like to sample in the comment box at Contact Us. We don't charge a lot and it'll all make sense when it's delivered.

Can I order this service for a friend as a gift?

Nappies are the gift given most often at baby showers - so a gift of Kinderstar's Premium Disposable Nappies will be a big hit with a family member or friend.

Order a 1-time delivery. Or 3, 6 or 12 pre-paid deliveries. Your credit card will be billed when the order is delivered - and your recipient will receive both the nappies and the BONUS gift item!

Just call one of our Customer Care Representatives at (03) 8685-8623 (Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm).

For multiple pre-paid deliveries ordered at one time, what are the BONUS gift options from Kinderstar? When will I receive mine?

The BONUS gifts from Kinderstar are for 3, 6 or 12 pre-paid deliveries and include:

Invite Kinderstar Premium Disposable Nappy Delivery Service for 3 pre-paid deliveries and receive 3 packs of 80 flushable Toilet Training wipes. For a natural clean feel you've never felt before Bouncing Bottoms ® are super strong, breathable with excellent absorbency and just made for flushing.

You will receive your bonus gift at the time of each delivery - we want you to use and enjoy your gifts for as long as possible.

I wish to purchase quality bulk "dealer direct" toilet paper, gloves and other laundry disposables, where can I create my own Express Blockbuster "Stay-at-Home" Kinderstar account?

Change the way you buy to bulk and see massive savings when you purchase a minimum of just two no-nonesense products from our warehouse, with or without your nappies and/or wipes. We'd like to offer approved long time customers the opportunity to experience dealer direct prices in all things hygiene. We can ship more than double the amount of toilet rolls you'd fit into a shared carspace. FREE, and more! So, if you'd rather chase your toddler around the garden and not the shopping centre. "Stay-at-Home", because now you can!

What if I am not happy with the nappies, training pants and/or wipes after I have ordered the service?

We are confident that you will be thrilled with the nappies, training pants and wipes that Kinderstar delivers to your door. But if you aren't, just send back the clean unused nappies, training pants or wipes remaining from your last delivery and we will give you a full refund for that delivery. Kinderstar offers 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What if my baby needs a different size of nappy than what I have indicated on the initial order?

If you want to make an adjustment to your order - either for the size of nappy or training pants your baby needs OR the frequency of delivery, just contact a Kinderstar Customer Care Representative at (03) 8685 8623 to help you (available Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm).

Can I cancel my ongoing service option at any time?

You can cancel a minimum of 5 weekdays prior to your next shipping date. Just call one of Kinderstar's Customer Care Representatives at (03) 8685 8623 during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm).

What is Kinderstar's privacy policy regarding its customers?

Kinderstar values its customers and their trust. We promise that your name will be held in strictest confidence and your information will not be shared outside the Kinderstar family operations. Rest easy! We've got you covered - AND we'll deliver the nappies!

How and when will my account be charged for a delivery?

Get the benefit of a quick order placement and payment rotation with our Paypal checkout once you've submitted your order. Or set up your own Electronic Funds Transfer payment option. On the date your order is dispatched, you will be billed. This will be 1-2 weekdays before your order arrives. Alternatively just set up payment with one of Kinderstar's Customer Care Representatives at (03) 8685 8623.

No PayPal? No problem. Submit your order thru Kinderstar Easy Order and we can arrange your online email payment tool where you will be charged prior to the date your order is delivered.

I do not have a credit card but I still want to purchase Kinderstar's products. Is there a way for me to do this?

We'd hate to deny anyone the opportunity to use our outstanding products. To experience your easy billing method firsthand, Contact us at to arrange EFT payment methods or get the benefit of a quick order placement and payment rotation with our PayPal Checkout once you've submitted your order.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Experience easy billing first hand even if you don't have a PayPal account.  We accept online credit and debit card payments via PayPal's online payment store.  Once you've submitted your order, continue to the payment processor and click your preferred credit card payment tool.

May I purchase Kinderstar products wholesale?

Yes, but we reserve the right to qualify you for wholesale purchases. Please contact us at or get priority qualification by creating your own wholesale account at Kinderstar’s Easy Order Solution Centre on our home page.

Still need help?

Visit the contact us page to see how you can get in touch with Kinderstar, or you can ask a Customer Care Representative by sending an email to, or call us at (03) 8685 8623, between from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.