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* AUSTRALIA WIDE. Anywhere you go. Natures own botanical ingredients noted to reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin. Blended without synthetic chemicals. non toxic, not bio-accumulating. * Perfectly suitable for newborns and allergy sufferers. 100% natural cloth and formula. 12 packs of 80 dinky-di chemical free baby wipes *
* She'll be apples MELBOURNE METRO: Carton Playdays Blended without synthetic chemicals. non toxic, not bio-accumulating. * Safe to use all over. Filtrated, purified and de-ionized water for eczema sufferers and sensitive immune systems unable to tolerate industrial ingredients. * 100% biodegradable cotton 12 packs of 80 *
* DOUBLES Originals: Australia WIDE. Anywhere you go. 100% biodegradable cotton, pure botanical formula, ISO cert. Aloe Vera, Calendula and Allantoin. Chemical Free safe for newborns, sensitive and allergy sufferers. 24 packs of 80 total. CCF Licensee 2 cartons x 12 packs of 80 *
* 24 x 500ml Palm Positive Speed Clean Gel Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer - no scent Unscented: Anywhere handy pump bottles * Natural alternative to petroleum based hand gels. Aloe Vera to prevent moisture loss: chemical free formula * kills 99.99% of bad mean germs within 30 secs of application: No toxic residue 24 x 500ml *
* Size 5 Extra Large/Walker Diapers 11-25kg New and Improved. Gentle grip fastening system _ more customized fit and allows more movement. A zone treated top sheet directs fluid to the super-absorbent core. Fabric soft outer cover, hypoallergenic liner, chlorine free. Full stretch waistband. 192 pcs in 8 bags of 24 *
* Size 4 Large/Toddler Diapers 7-18 kg New and Improved. Ultra Dry Layer - Triple Leakage Protection. Full Stretch waistband. Wide leg cuffs. Chlorine Free. super absorbeent quilted liner 224 pcs in 8 bags of 28 *
* Size 3 Medium/Crawler Diapers 4-9kg New and improved. Wide and stretchy, adjustable fabric stretch grip tabs, high absorbency and latex free inner-leg gathers. chlorine free = Hypoallergenic liner dye and perfume free. quilted inner. 256 pcs in 8 bags of 32 *
* Size 2 Small Diapers 3-6kg New and Improved. chlorine free materials,comfortably fluted stretch waistband. Quilted padding, latex free stretch, food dye print, improved soft frontal to avoid irritation. 288 pcs in 8 bags of 36 *
* Training Pants Crawler 6-11kgs Ultra Soft - Super Absorbent - Tear Away Sides - Double Layer Leg-guards. Overnight protection. 256 pants in 8 packs of 32 *
* Training Pants Toddler 9-14kgs Ultra Soft - Super Absorbent - Tear Away Sides - Double Layer Leg-guards. Overnight protection. 232 pants in 8 packs of 29 *
* Training Pants Walker 12-17kgs Ultra Soft - Super Absorbent - Tear Away Sides - Double Layer Leg-guards. Overnight protection. 208 pants in 8 packs of 26 *

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